Jay Phelps News

New single 'Angel'-

This week saw the release of Phelps' new single 'Angel'. An original song with a unique blend of vocals and instrumental grooves that stretch the musical palette beyond what is typical in Jazz. Contemporary Jazz with elements of world music.

Angel: (Lyrics)

I met angel when she was 17

Bright eyed pearl, abbys world

Unique and Out of reach I seek

Some sleep to lose my feet

I dream of you

A dream come true

One dream for two

Drift back

Beauty, a royal queen

Gelatin lip kiss

In a tree



When we we're so young

waiting to have our fun

I dream of you

A dream come true

One dream for two

Ring bell


The years go by

Cartoon eyes no lies

I'm looking for your love

Just my mistake

Realize fate

You've been here all along

Spiritual energy

Can it be that we

Feel the need to be free

You are no fool

Tell the truth

The future speaks through you

A veteran of the blues

In life you're who I choose

In love there are no rules

Bambi you broke my fall

Like a porcelain doll

So Divine

Bright star shine

Your soul

Deep like a black hole

To destiny we go

My sweet doll

To destiny we go

My best friend

Our love until the end

My dream girl

Precious your eyes of pearl

My angel

From heaven's where you fell...

To destiny we go...(Rpt)

New Album:

It has been a few years since Jay's debut release, Jay Walkin', therefore a new album is on the horizon and to be recorded at the end of the year with his new quartet. Jay looks towards his many influences to create a new project that is quite a diversion from his debut release. Stay tuned!

Jay arranges an instrumental version of Drake's-Feel no ways and releases self-directed video.